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Sex: Yes please
Location: Parents bedroom
Specialize in: All positions
Brief insight: Begain skating around age 12, with the allawah locals YEEYAH! Met up with Jake & Justin Cox to form The 3 Headed Snake & terrorize sk8parks. More..
Hooked up with the nulla, fairfield & bondi boys (now legends). Moved to prahan with Jake'os & Birdy. Begain traveling the world at 18 thanks to SMP.
After winning the 1999 VANS World Amateur Skateboarding Championships, i turned pro thanks to Vans, SMP, Venture, Flip & Electric Visual. I returned home to practise for the pro circuit & vans warp tour around america, but broke my collar bone which rendered me useless for 6 months. Missing out on my dream rookie year & loosing sponsors, i started picking up the scaps by winning comps & doing demos in asia.
this eventually lead to my career demise.. The rockstar life style started to take over & prevented skating from 2002, untill june 2005. when watching (Joe Ipoh's) street line reminded me what i was missing out on. So met the lads & started sessioning the street park every arvo, untill dad called for my help back home.

I returned home to Sydney only to find shanes's built the best vert ramp in the world at the worst time, terrible management caused the skaters to boycott & before i knew it the scene was dead again. back to hibernation.

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Summer Hill Comp
this west side massive competition was about as low tech as possible. We had Darren Kahne as MC, Chad Ford, AHA & myself judging. the highlight of this event was the "Dames on skates" division, possibly the first trans gender competition, for kids that couldn't skate well. they had to skate while dressed up in womens clothing, it was hilarious! One kid went down the bank blind folded, hit the pyramid & flew straigh to his head..LOL! He instantly won 1st place. This down & dirty comp was unreal, hopefully we will see more. big thanks to the organizers.
Party night Tony Hawk after party at my place: samps from (revolutionasc), Trevor Ward, Renton Millar, Ben Bodnar, luke, Lily & fara, what a fkn night! smashed a case of beer, bottle of sambucca, Ben Bodnar's home made bottle of bourbon, 2 bottles of cock sucking cowboys, Renton Millar's 6 pack included a 1 hour long lecture that will convert any non sk8r in to a devoted tool of the industry. girls making house on the kitchen floor, giggling like drunken fools. We started baiting Renton Millar that Michael Mulhall does bigger ollies, while Trevor Ward was posting it on skateboard.com.au, read more here.
Bondi Lily wanted to visit bondi but i didn't, rather than not go i dropped her off & said i'll be back in 2 hours. (like that's gonna happen) went home, watched a movie, met Ben Bodnar & left for bondi. by the time we arrived it was twilight, however it was easy to spot the singaporean as she was the only person using a towel as a blanket on beach. also a bird shitted on Ben Bodnar while we got back into the car. (Lily Hamid's comment of the trip: only seen 2 hot men since i've been here)
Kings Cross, chris went to the toilets & while he was pissing, he could feel the spray rebounding on him. after changing direction he realised it wasn't his piss but the mans next to him. (btw chris seems to always know where camera is)
Strip Club: time to check out what the kings cross has to offer, we chose the smallest club by mistake, like the size of a bedroom with stadium seating  mirrors covering the facing wall. could have been an old indy cinema. with no stripper pole! fuk it was so bad they begged us to buy beer b4 sitting. (like that'll make the girls look prettier) the line up was so bad, they looked like the bench warmers, from a shelf that expired decades ago! one of them asked Ben Bodnar if he'd like to go up stairs, he asked how much & for what? she said $165 for one hour of sex. we declined the crack whores offer & bailed.
Mardi Gras was insane, everywhere we looked there was a magicians going *poof*. to our right was a bunch of straight chix flashing there knockers for pictures & attention. (fkn yummy) Ben Bodnar couldnt take his eyes off them. while we were in a bar Ben Bodnar looked like he was picking up ladies, instead they were asking if he was gay & interested in their male friends....ROFL!
Bondi Bowlarama 2009: what a day by the time i arrived it was rained out. met all the crew at the after party, chaddy helped me get off to a good start with some free drink cards, aha flowed me a new helmet (suggesting something?). Wayneos fan bashed Bob Burnquist lol, Trevor Ward was grabbing everones dick as usual, Jake Duncombe was avoiding the police..ha! Stewart got into a fight with Nate Dog & Manimal from melbs. boy what a night!!
Asian xgames 2007 Before the comp we found water jets sticking out of the pool & started squirting each other. If u put half ur thumb over the jet, it becomes super powerful! Jackson Pills aimed for this old chinese man sitting in the pool & started squirting him in the face. The chinese man moved his head from left to right, trying to avoid the spray, but couldn't escape the torture. Jackson Pills didnt stop until the old chinese man left the pool..haha!

After the comp we celebrated with a few drinking games, involving a bottle of Absinth, toilet papaer & a 5c coin. At the xgames after party, Skunk lost his new camera, Josh Rouillon lost his pants & humped Ben Bodnar in 7 eleven..lol Renton Millar was so drunk he couldnt stand up but somehow kept screaming SPIN..SPIN. Trevor Ward stole a girls dress & wore it out. At the end of the night we rockstarred Dominic Kekich & Shane Wallace's room.. RIP Malaysian x games!

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dave bodnar heel flip globe demodave bodnar roll in asian xgamesdave bodnar kickflip asian xgamesdave bodnar fish asian xgames
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dave bodnar SMPdave bodnar switch indy australian skateboarding magazinedave bodnar tray flip slam vertxdave bodnar vans warp tour
dave bodnar and greg stewart prahran bowl SLAP magazinedave bodnar manly DAC demodave bodnar and ben bodnar mania magazinedave bodnar lipslide st marys vert
dave bodnar madonna st marys vertdave bodnar movie premiere dave bodnar tail gate crasherdave bodnar tail asian xgames

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